2018 Brazoscup Schedule

Friday May 18th, 2018 1:00 pm: Alternate Shot at The Wilderness

Saturday May 19th 1:00 pm Better Ball of Partners at The Wilderness

Sunday May 20th 1:00 pm Singles Matches at Freeport



2017 Final Results

Results Day 1 Alternate Shot at Freeport

Freeport 4.5   The Wilderness 1.5

Bobby Willimans/Will Easter vs. Blake Sullivan/Newt Hartline      Freeport 3 & 1

Bryan Rodgers/Luke Whitehead vs. Gary Suber/David Tep            Freeport 6 & 5

Jacob Borow/Mike Crutcher vs. Wendell Alford/ Ricky Wright      Wilderness 4 & 3

Cullen Smith/Zane Lezak vs. Robert Langhoff/Ally Starr                Halved

Phillip Stewart/Jacob Villarreal vs. Dean Rodgers/Ted Walker         Freeport 2 & 1

Destin Muntzel/Michael Paukner vs. Emmitt Foyt/Travis Hawk      Freeport 5 & 3


Day 2 Better Ball of Partners at Freeport

The Wilderness 3.5   Freeport 2.5

Phillip Stewart/Will Easter vs. Blake Sullivan/Newt Hartline         Halved

Jacob Borow/Jacob Villarreal vs. Gary Surber/Dave Tep               Wilderness 2 & 1

Destin Muntzel/Luke Whitehead vs. Dean Rodgers/Ted Walker    Wilderness 3 & 2

Cullen Smith/Michael Paukner vs. Ally Starr/Ricky Wright              Freeport  3 & 1

Zane Lezak/Mike Crutcher vs. Robert Langhoff/Wendell Alford    Wilderness 5 & 3

Bobby Williams/Bryan Rodgers vs. Emmitt Foyt/Travis Hawk        Freeport 2 & 1


Day 3 Singles Matches at The Wilderness

Destin Muntzel vs. Roberyt Langhoff       Wildernes 8 & 6

Mike Crutcher vs. Danny Beck                  Wilderness 7 & 5

Jacob Borow vs. Emmitt Foyt                   Wildernes 3 & 1

Jacob Villareal vs. Travis Hawk                 Freeport  3 &

Bryan Rodgers vs. Blake Sullivan               Freeport 2 up

Cullen Smith Vs. Newt Hartline                 Freeport 3 & 1

Luke Whitehead vs. Dean Rodgers             Halved

Heston Sherrill vs. Ted Walker                    Wilderness 2 & 1

Michael Paukner vs. Gary Suber                  Wildernes 1 up

Zane Lezak vs. David Tepp  1:40 pm          Freeport 5 & 3

Phillip Stewart vs. Ricky Wright                   Wildernes 6 & 5

Will Easter vs. Ally Starr                              Freeport 5 & 4


Freeport 12.5  The Wildernes 11.5



Brazoscup Qualifying Guidelines & Dates 2018

The following guidelines have been established by the Wilderness Golf Association and will be applicable to qualifying for the 2017 Brazoscup:

  1. Must be a current WGA Member and Pay $30 qualifying fee to cover tournament costs and team uniforms.
  2. Qualifying Rounds at $47 for players that are not Annual Pass Holders. 
  3. Must have established USGA GHIN handicap at the Wilderness Golf Club.
  4. Can only attempt to Qualify at one course.
  5. Top 12 Qualifiers will play all three days as assigned by the Captain. Alternates will play if a Top 12 Qualifier pulls him/herself from roster.
  6. Ties for the Final spots will be resolved by Sudden Death Playoff on Final Day of Qualifying if possible. 18 hole playoff if scheduled on another day.


The following dates and times are associated with the qualifying:

Lions Open-Winner qualifies for B-Cup.

April 22nd - tee times starting at 10:00am

April 26th-tee times starting at 3pm

April 28th-tee times starting at 9:30 am Lion's Club Open Winner Qualifies

April 29th-tee times starting at 9:30 am Lion's Club Open Winner Qualifies

May 3rd-tee times starting at 3:00pm.

May 5th -tee-times starting at 10:00 am

May 6th-tee times starting at 10:00 am.

May 10th -tee times starting at 3:00pm.

May 12th-tee times starting at 10:00am.

May 13th-tee times starting at 10:00am.

May 15th -tee times starting at 3:00pm.

Competition for the 2018 Brazoscup will be held May 18th-20th.  Starting times are 1PM all three days.

All participating in the qualifier will need to notify the pro shop prior to play in order to receive your tee time.  All participants will be paired using a blind draw system.  All players will play from the Black Tees.  A 54-hole low gross total will be used in determining the 11 qualified players.  The first qualifier will be the winner of the Wilderness Lions Open.  Any ties for the 12th spot will require a sudden death playoff starting with hole #1 and moving forward.  Spots 13 and 14 will be chosen as Alternates in determining the 14 player teamAlternates will only play if a team member has taken himself out of the competition

First Two Rounds of the Competition for the 2018 Brazoscup will be held at The Wilderness Golf Club. Final Singles Matches be hosted at The Freeport Golf Course on Sunday.  Matches will begin at 1:00pm each day of competition.  Format of play will be match play and in the following formats:  Day 1-Alternate Shot, Day 2-2-person best ball, Day 3-Singles matches.

If players have any questions, please contact John Stark, Dave Paukner at The Wilderness Golf Shop at 979.297.4653 Ext. 1

[email protected]

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