Player of the Year Award 

Player of the Year Award Points are awarded at the completion of each WGA Event. Players are awarded points as follows: 1st =10 pts, 2nd = 8 pts, 3rd = 6 pts, 4th = 4 pts, 5th = 3 pts, 6=2 pts 1 Pt for participation. 3 pays for skin/ctp.  Major events points double. See results by entrance door on the side.

2019 Schedule of Events

February 2-24                                     WGA Match Play

February 16                                        GUMBO Open

March 12                                             WGA Divot Party

March 16                                             Crawfish Open

April 7                                                 WGA Masters Challenge

April 27 & 28                                      Lion’s Wilderness Open

April 27 thru May 12                          WGA Brazos Cup Qualifying (54 Hole Requirement)

May 17-19                                           WGA Brazos Cup Matches

June 3 thru 6                                       Junior Camp 1

July 8 thru 11                                      Junior Camp 2

July 22 thru 25                                    Junior Camp 3

August 17                                            WGA 3-Club

September 3                                       WGA Divot Party

September 21-22                               Lake Jackson City AM

October 26                                          Glow Ball Open

November 23                                      WGA Turkey Shoot

November 25-27                                 Holiday Junior Camp

December 3                                        Christmas Open House

December 14                                      WGA Par 3 Challenge



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